Working with Alicia Ramos on my first novel really helped ease my fears and concerns about the editing process and what it would entail. Not only did she make changes and suggestions to help tighten the flow of my book, she explained the reasons behind her suggestions, and when she called a passage into question it was always with a carefully detailed explanation as to why she felt adjustments needed to be made. After working with Alicia, I felt as if I’d grown as an author and had a better understanding of things to watch out for in my writing so I could make those changes before we got to the editing process. She has now been involved in the editing process for my subsequent books, and each new experience has been a pleasure. The attention to detail and the time she spends helping polish each project is impossible to miss. Working with Alicia has shown me the importance of a strong partnership between writers and editors, and I look forward to working with her on many more books to come. —Layla Dorine