As a budding author new to the publishing world, I was a little apprehensive about the editing process. I was worried that the editor would make me change practically everything. Alicia was awesome. Whenever she came across something that wasn’t right or almost right, she never said “You have to change this to this.” She made suggestions, but in the end it was up to me whether to accept or reject them. And she took it one step further. In addition to making suggested changes, she always explained why and quite often gave examples. If I didn’t like her suggestion, or had a question about it, she was always willing to take the time to discuss it with me. Most of the time I took her suggestions as they made my story better. She brought up things I never thought of. A couple of times, when I explained my thought process, she agreed mine was the better way to go. I learned a lot about the writing process from her and I give her my highest recommendation.Jim Dunaway