About me

I’ve always been an editor in one fashion or another. My lifelong love of words led me to an undergraduate degree in literature. I started my professional career practicing law, spent more years than I like to count in corporate communications, and recently made the switch to full-time editing.

I’m grateful every day for the privilege of living in beautiful Seattle—yes, even when it’s raining. When I’m not at my keyboard I can be found rooting on the Mariners, enjoying live music, or traveling with friends.

As a writer myself, I understand the pain of hearing someone say your story isn’t quite perfect. And I also know it doesn’t matter how intimately an author understands his or her characters; if the story isn’t clear to readers, they’ll pick another author’s book next time. I love helping authors make their stories shine, and I’m delighted that so many of the authors I’ve worked with say I’ve enhanced their writing lives.